Pay Meralco electricity bills online using Gcash

Pay Meralco electricity bills every month using Gcash

There are many options for you to pay Pay Meralco electricity bills. The most people prefer the traditional way, they would go to a nearest office  to pay for the bills. I did one too, but it would be the only one time because it took my times a lot. I was stuck at the traffic since a Meralco nearest office about 3 km away from my home. When I arrived, there were many people stay in-line waiting for their turn at the office. I spent a most of the afternoon times at that day to go to pay for a bill. No way, I will not do it anymore and I would like to show you a better way to Pay Meralco electricity bills online using Gcash. If you do not know that Gcash gives you up to 70 pesos for free, you may click this link to know.

How to pay Meralco electricity bills using Gcash Mobile App

It requires you to have a Gcash app and an account with the money. You should top up your balance before you go to my instruction. There are some options for you to do such as you a credit card or go to a convenience store (Seven-Eleven 711). I prefer go to 711 since it is near my home and 24/7 supported.
1. Open your GCash App
2. Choose pay Bills
3. At the very first line, choose Electric Utilities
4. Scroll down and find Meralco, click on it
5. Fill up the payment details at this page
-Pay for: choose Total Current Amount.

Tap the Scanning Icon and start scan the Meraclo Reference No
Tap the Scanning Icon and start scan the Meraclo Reference No

-Meralco Ref.No: It is an important one since it should be correctly inputted or you can use the designed scan function. Tap the scanning icon and start scan the Meraclo Reference No.
-Where do I find the Meraclo Reference Number?
It is printed at the right bottom in the font page of payment bill.
-Amount: Enter the exactly the total amount to pay printed included 2 digits after the dash sign.
-Email: Your email address
6. Confirm and pay

Tips for paying Meralco bills using Gcash

If you have a Meraclo account, you could see your bills before 2-3 days of receiving an envelope from them. If you have one, you can now go to Meralco website or mobile app to check it. You can pay right away using Gcash app if the payment bill for the current month is there. Remember the day of releasing the bills and check it next month at the same day. You also can download all the previous bills on their website.


Now, looking at the Due Date on your bill, it should be at least 3 days left. When you have only few days, you should go to the office instead of paying online or pay the bill directly by a payment card using their website. If you did not pay for the balance from previous billing, you now can not using any online payment methods.

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