How to live with traffic in Metro Manila 2020

Philippines is the most crowded street country

Metro Manila is one of the top the city in the Asian that has a worst traffic everyday. The Government is trying to solve this problem every year. There are two major problems. The first one is that Metro Manila is a crowed place where many people from provinces are trying to get in to live in the city. The second one is that many vehicles at a time on the streets. The vehicles are either a private transportation or public transportation. It is a big deal for our Government even when they have released some documents to solve it. They ask for a higher tax for a new car, cut down the number of Jeepney, build more public transportations and many more. But, it seems like the problem is not solved. We now have to make things to live with this traffic in Metro Manila. Here are some tips and guides that could get you out of this problem not completely but is the best.

Deal with traffic by reschedule your daily times

As I said above, the more vehicle at a time on a street is the more traffic on that street. You should now change your daily times and keep far from the traffic times.

Deal with traffic by reschedule your times
Deal with traffic by reschedule your times

The most traffic times are between to in the morning and from 5pm to 9pm at night. If you have to go out to do some things or go to work at these times, you should use MRT or LRT nearest. Or if these things are not applicable for you, try to explore more things below.

Use MRT or LRT train systems in Metro Manila

Imagine, when you use your car and you go to your friend’s place but still stuck at the traffic. You drive a car and your car is going a straight line. The street on your way is sharing with other transportation, you can not go ahead. The only one thing is that your date could go over if you are not there on time for some important things. You could now thinking back to the line-train-system in Metro Manila. The train gets his own line and goes on his own way. There is nothing can get him back, even the time. It is about 5-15 minutes you have to wait for a train depend on the moment time. After that you are on the way, but you would on the traffic if you go for a car, so then go for line-train-system near you.

Overall view the traffic by using technology before you go

There are some mobile apps that are real time traffic transportation updating by define density of vehicle and it’s speed.

Overall view the traffic by using Waze app on Android
Overall view the traffic by using Waze app on Android

Google Map and Waze apps are these two recommended apps to install on your phone.You open the app, you can see how the traffic is that on the street after pointing your current location and the place that you will go. You even can see an accident occurs on your way, it is the another cause of traffic. When you know what’s happening on your way, you should try another way to go. The apps also recommend you a better solution such as go for a short cut or choose a best transportation at the moment. For me, even walking is the most choice if the destination not far from you.

Commute by a motorcycle or using a motorcycle transport service

The government is not welcome to use more motorcycles because of the safety. It is not safe as they said compare to other vehicles. We need to keep respect on them because that they just do for our safety.

Using a motorcycle transport service Angkas
Using a motorcycle transport service Angkas

There is only one motorcycle transport service at this time and that company must strictly follow the government’s policies to keep safe for commuters. Angkas, the only one motorcycle transport, introduces their service to deal with the traffic.Unlike that Grab car, Angkas uses the motorcycle riders to transport their customers. It is more fast and flexible way. All you need is to download their app then book for your rides. So, that’s all things that would help you to live with the expected more traffic in Metro Manila this year 2020. Thank you for your reading and have a happy life.

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