Get virtual online payment cards in the Philippines

What are the benefits of using a virtual card?

A virtual card is most launched by a financial company (E-Wallet company) not a bank in the Philippines. Unlike a physical card, the virtual card requires you to have a smart phone to run an app. Using the app, you can view and manage the card. One the app, you can check payment history, verify your payment using Otp code, secure your card by locking or unlocking. The thing that I like as many Filippinos do is that getting the card is most easy and right away at home. Some cards can be used for withdrawing cash not in an ATM but in some unique machines in the Philippines or outside of the Philippines. The last best thing is the safety of your card. No one can steal your card or you will leave the card inattention because it is on your phone. I can not guarantee if you leave your phone too, Lol. It is the benefits of using a virtual card. You can click here to know more about the popular payment cards in the Philippines and easy get virtual online payment cards in the Philippines.

Get an American Express card with Globe Gcash

Globe Gcash is most used today in the Philippines because it is introduced by a big Telecom-Network, Globe.
The card companion more than 4 years with you until it’s expiration date. You can get a new one after the said date, so it is not a problem. There is a number of online shopping store accepts Amex card. The number is growing up nowadays. All you need is to have a Gcash account and a running balance to use the card.

Get an American Express card with Globe Gcash
Get an American Express card with Globe Gcash

You even can get free up to 70 peso credits from Gcash right away if you are their new customer here. For more safe, you can change the security code/CVV at anytime. For opening and using the card:
1. You open your Gcash app, touch the three dashes at the left corner of your phone.
2. Go to My Linked Accounts then choose American Express Virtual Pay.
3. You could see your card there, or if you don’t have one, just follow the instruction to get it.

Get one GrabPay Virtual Master card

I can say at a simple words that Grab is a commuting company. The most using community app not only in the Philippines, it is wide operation in South East Asian. For a big number of their customer, they recently introduce a new service by offering a Virtual Master card to their customer using Grab app.

Get one GrabPay Virtual Master card
Get one GrabPay Virtual Master card

They supposedly become a financial company in the next time. Yes, they could be because of their resources. Is it easy to have their Master card? Yes, but it could take your time because of their strictly verification. You have to submit all required information and identity pictures, at the end, you are required calling face to face to their staff. This step is for them to ensure your information are correctly. As they said, it is an requirement by the government.
How to open your Grabpay Master card?
1. Open the Grab App and you would be invited to open the card, just follow the instruction.
2. After getting the card, go to Payment and pay attention to the right corner of the app.
3. Press the setting icon at that right place.
4. You can see your card is there, click Card Details to get your card payment details.

Smart Paymaya gives you many virtual master cards

Smart is a competitor of Globe Telecom. They also are a Telecom-Network company and launch a E-Wallet named Paymaya. How many Paymaya virtual Master card that I can get?

Smart Paymaya gives you many virtual master cards
Smart Paymaya gives you many virtual master cards

As I remember, they allow you to get more than 2 or 3 cards. I’m not sure because I’m not using it right now. I have an account long time ago, but I can not use it right now because I forgot the password. It is not a thing difficult to renew the password, just becasuse I used my an email domain to register and the email can not be used anymore because the domain expired. I don’t want to get back the domain since I change my mind. I recently register a new account and it is under verification reviewing a most two weeks because of the holiday season. You want to get the card? Follow these steps:
1. Download and open Paymaya app.
2. Register an account and verify your account.
3. At the right down corner of the app, click My cards.
4. You can open a new card and mange your card(s) at this place.

There are up coming E-wallet in the Philippines and you are having a new chance to get your online payment cards. Just follow this post and there will be an updated. Thank you and have a good day!

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