how to get first free 50 pesos to your wallet

Is that company providing LRT and MRT beep card?

How do you pay when you when you take a LRT or MRT ride arround Manila? Are you using a beep card? Or you are paying for one-time card only. If you using a beep card, this time is for you to know about It is a new e-wallet company in the Philippines and going to be more popular nowadays. The company is called Southeast Asian fintech company that enables anyone, including those without a bank account, to easily access financial services directly from their smart phone. company providing LRT and MRT beep card company providing  load LRT and MRT beep card

One of the most competitor including Globe Gcash and Paymaya Smart. The difference between compare to GCash and Paymaya is that is not holding a Telecom network. Yes, they are unique and they have own services offering to their customers. So, is that they are related to the Beep Card? No, they are not. But as I said above, they have unique service that offers the Beep card users to check and load the card at anytime. It is the reason why I’m using right now. Coins.PH how to get first free 50 pesos to your wallet?

The gives free credit to their new customers

Unlike Globe GCash, they are giving free credits to their customers up to 70 pesos Gcash. only gives away 50 pesos for the new customers. Is that the money go directly to the new account? Acctually, it is not. Gcash will give you first 20 pesos for free right away if you are their new customer, but for the, they require you to have a referral code from your friends or your family relatives. You can enter the code or access to the link that you received from them. If you do not have any, you just have to go down in this article and get one.

The gives free credit to their new customers
The gives free credit to their new customers

You are requiring to verify your account fully before you will have your free money. The good thing is that not required much documents during verification. There are just very simple steps that will let your account to be an official one. how to get first free 50 pesos to your wallet

There are two ways to create your account using a referral code. You can either type this code KQFNZB into the box called Referral code in the app or using our link:
If you click to the link, you will direct to a new page where consists of two typing boxes. One is a place for your phone number and the rest is for your password.
First step: enter your phone number or using an email address ( I suggest you to use a phone number instead).
Second step: enter your password which is required at least 8 characters and 1 number. Submit your form by click Create account button.
Third step: type in your verification code and fill out all the required information.
Last one: take  a selfie holding your valid, government-issued ID and you now get free 50 pesos.

Note: You click to the link above and can not complete the selfie. Don’t worry, you can now open and login to app that you can download it here for Android devices or IOS devices.

Good luck and have a nice day!

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